Imagine Media and Marketing builds only responsive WordPress Websites. 

Why WordPress? 

WordPress is an open source platform with a community of users, plugin developers and theme developers who support the product.  WordPress also has a built in content management system that is as easy to use as a Word document and seo plugins that make it easy to optimize your website. 

The Benefits of WordPress 

SEO and WordPress 

The structure of a WordPress theme is already search engine friendly.  WordPress makes it easy to optimize a website with a variety of plugin choices for SEO.  

Unlimited Customization 

Plugins with the help of widgets give a WordPress site custom functionality.  That means that you can create a very robust multi functioning website.  The possibilities really are unlimited.  We start all of our websites from scratch and create simple 5 page websites and 2,000+ product shopping cart websites with the ability to manage events.  

WordPress E commerce Websites 

If you have a shopping cart or e commerce WordPress website you have a wide choice of some very well developed and supported shopping cart plugins to choose from.  Some of these shopping cart plugins allow for product variations like small medium or large or different weights of products.  Some offer high level inventory management, product search, category pages, product pages and much more.  

We have our favorite WordPress Shopping Cart plugins and have a lot of experience working with shopping cart websites.  

Continuously Improving 

The foundation of strong WordPress websites are the plugins.  Currently there are over 40,00 plugins to choose from. The plugin developers are continuously improving the functionality and updating so your visitors can have the best possible experience on your website.  

Responsive WordPress Websites 

We only create responsive websites now and all of them are WordPress.  Responsive websites are in demand especially since the rise of the purchase of and use of mobile devices.  If you have a responsive website that means that it fits any size screen including mobile devices, ipads, and old monitors.  

You are in Control 

Once your website launches and we teach you how to add pages and content and even products to your website, you are in control.  The days of trying to reach your website developer to make small changes to your website are over.  You can do it and it is just as easy as using a word document.   Ahhhh….you can relax now.