Mobile Ready Website Design

What is a Responsive Website? 

When a website developer creates a website with special coding, your website shows up on any size screen correctly.  From old monitors, old desktop computers, laptops, ipads, mobile phones and other mobile devices (I’m trying to cover whatever they think of next.)

The Demand for Responsive Websites 

Responsive websites give your visitors the best possible experience no matter what device they are using to get to your business.  The demand for responsive websites is proportional to the demand for mobile devices.  As I am writing this, most of the new phone calls I get ask about responsive website design.  A year ago, no one knew what the word “responsive website” meant.  Now it seems to be all the buzz.  Come to think about it, 5 years ago hardly anyone knew what “SEO” meant.  Now look what’s happened. 

Mobile Website Design

A responsive website means that your website design fits perfect on all mobile devices.   I can see with Google Analytics the steady but sure climb in the use of mobile devices.  This is exactly why responsive design for websites is in such huge demand.  

All our website designs and re-designs are Responsive WordPress Website Design.  Please call for more information today.