Internet Marketing Consulting West Palm Beach

Social Media vs. SEO Consulting 

Some website businesses need all social media marketing and no SEO and some need all SEO and no social media.  Most of the time it takes a mix of both social media and SEO peppered with some video optimization.  I can advise you on the best online internet marketing strategy.

Online Business Consulting 

I have consulted many people about whether or not they should invest in an online business that is for sale.  Sometimes people who are selling their online businesses imply that they have a certain level of traffic.  What you need to know are things like, where is this traffic coming from?, Is it consistent? And have they recently had a significant jump in traffic and why? These are just a few of the factors that need to be investigated before you invest thousands of dollars into any business. 

Should I Start an Online Business?

I have also consulted clients about whether or not they should start an online business at all.  It depends on whether the business is niche at all, local, national or very competitive.  I do a lot of research and give you a full report in writing.  I charge by the hour for consulting work like this.  Please call for more information about my consulting fees.

Pre-Domain Name Choice Consulting 

Website domains or urls are either trusted by Google or they are not.  They are also “seasoned” or not.  If you are registering a brand new domain name, it is not seasoned and you will spend months and in some cases longer trying to get Google to trust your domain.  I can also do some keyword research to help you choose the best keyword rich domain possible.

Seasoned Domain with Toxic Links  or Duplication

I will sometimes recommend purchasing a “seasoned” domain.  Sometimes you will run into a seasoned domain that has toxic links and is not trusted by Google.  If a website has toxic links, you can optimize the heck out of it and it will not rank.  Before you spend any money on purchasing a “seasoned” domain, you need to have someone research the domain to see if it is a good investment or not.  That’s what I do. 

Shopping Cart Product Consulting 

Some people want to sell products online.  Sometimes these products very competitive online.  If you have a very competitive product or products online and you do not have a way to niche them, you will need to throw a lot of money or time or both into getting National or International visibility.  I can let you know if you should even start a shopping cart website with the use of some very fancy software. 

I charge by the hour for all Internet Marketing Consulting with a 2 hour minimum.  If you decide to hire me to optimize your website or do social media marketing,  I refund one hour of the consulting fee.