E commerce Websites West Palm Beach

We have a lot of experience with shopping cart websites and WordPress shopping cart plugins.  Plugins are what give a WordPress website it’s functionality.  There are a plethora of WordPress shopping cart plugins to choose from.  Of course, we have our favorites.  In the beginning I researched the heck out of all the shopping cart plugins that were available and now both my website designer and I have a lot of experience. 

Robust Shopping Cart Websites 

The shopping cart plugins we choose to use give the website owner the ability to have variations on product, like different sizes or different colors.  Included in with the plugins we choose are shipping, taxes and inventory management opportunities.  These plugins have had years to develop and work out the kinks so that again, your website visitors have the best experience.   

Payment Gateway Integration 

With a WordPress ecommerce website, you have a choice of payment gateways including paypal standard (most commonly used) or you can accept payment right on your website.  

Shopping Cart Management 

Once we train you on how to use your shopping cart, it is really easy to add products, categories, category pages, images and individual product pages.  You can manage it or you can hire us to manage your WordPress shopping cart website.  

Catalog Websites 

If you have a lot of products to sell and you do not want to have a payment gateway you can still use a shopping cart plugin to display your products and have inventory management, shipping and taxes functionality. 

Sometimes the shopping cart plugins are nice to use because of the pleasant way they present products.  We have a couple of clients who prefer to use a shopping cart plugin for their catalog websites.