Monitoring, Reporting and Strategy Consulting

After we optimize your website, we have a mandatory 6 month monthly reporting and strategy consulting fee.  The reason for this is because we want to make sure we are doing the very best job we can at getting your website ranked for the keyword phrases you desire. We may need to tweak the strategy and usually do.

Our monthly strategy consulting typically consists of going over monthly reports like:

  • Keyword ranking reports including competitors

  • Google Analytics reports review

  • Webmaster Tools review

  • Backlinks Monitoring review (optional)

Once we review these reports we can make adjustments to your online marketing strategy.  You may have a competitor suddenly start ranking above you for your favorite keyword phrases and we need to add a landing page or two to stay ahead of the competition.  Or you may find yourself completely removed from Google’s index. You are going to want to know about that as soon as possible.  If that happens I will usually run some software that will tell me if you have had any backlinks mysteriously added to your website while you weren’t looking. 

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

If we check Google Analytics and realize that your traffic has dropped by 40% in one month, you may want to know as quickly as possible so we can make some moves to reverse it. 

There have been hundreds of thousands of websites that have been adversely affected by Google’s algorithm updates and replacements.  One day Google trusts your links and then after the updates, they don’t. 

Are All of your Website Pages Indexed by Google?

You also want to make sure that pages you are adding to your website are being indexed by Google.  Some people go for years not knowing that many of the pages on their website were never picked up by Google. 

Monitor Traffic and Incoming Links

There are many reasons to monitor your website traffic and incoming links.  The most important one is loss of business.  If you suddenly loose traffic and you don’t even know you have lost that traffic, you could lose a few months of business.  It happens and now more than ever. 

We charge a monthly fee to monitor your website, website traffic and backlinks.  Please call for more information.