Website Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach 

seo expert west palm beachHello, my name is Carolyn Lee and I am the owner of Imagine Media and Marketing, Inc.! I have been an Internet Marketing Specialist since 2009 and a WordPress website developer since 2010.  Before 2009, I worked for 2 very well known website development and Internet marketing companies in West Palm Beach.  

Imagine Media and Marketing started in early 2009 as Palm Beach SEO, Inc.  In 2013, I changed the name to SEO West Palm Beach, Inc.  Then in 2014, I decided once again to finally re-brand the business to Imagine Media and Marketing.  My team and I do much more than just Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing and I wanted my branding to reflect that.  

The Web Design and Internet Marketing Talent

  • Carolyn, owner, WordPress website developer, SEO expert and main point of contact
  • Sean, WordPress website designer, developer and App creator
  • Dan, WordPress website developer, coder, App creator and hosting expert
  • Amy, project manager, social media manager and fulfillment
  • Patricia, project manager, social media manager and fulfillment
  • A team of very talented content writers
  • A team of very talented link building experts 

Why I Decided to Keep it Simple

Every successful business owner reaches a point where they start getting so many phone calls that they have to decide whether they are going to hire more people and expand or keep it simple and limit the growth to a certain point.  I decided that the best path for both me and my clients was to limit growth and hire talented people and leave myself as the main point of contact.  By doing it this way I get to do two of my favorite things which is to create relationships with my clients and help drive quality traffic to their websites.  I am the SEO expert so I am still the one who does the on-site optimization and I have very talented people to help with the all other aspects of website design, development and Internet Marketing.   

Why Us?

  • 9 years of Internet marketing experience with all different types of businesses in different industries
  • 7 years of WordPress website development experience including shopping carts
  • We stay ahead of the always changing moving target called Google
  • We can prove our successes with multiple local and national clients
  • We are consistent and organized
  • We are talented
  • We are passionate about all aspects of WordPress websites and Internet Marketing
  • If we can’t help you we will let you know right up front

Why Experience Matters 

When it comes to Internet marketing, social media and building websites, it’s important to hire someone who is very experienced.  My team and I have been through trial and error with many different types of local and national businesses.  There are times I turn down businesses because I know I can’t help them.  I will not take on a client, for example, who is in such a competitive industry that they are locked out of the first page of the search engines. 

You can waste a lot of money hiring someone who thinks they might be able to help you, but just isn’t really that sure.  Make sure whoever you hire can prove with many past clients that they can help you. Ask for keyword ranking reports and references.  We have lots of those. 

Imagine Media and Marketing, Inc.
Imagine Media and Marketing is a website design and Internet Marketing company located in Palm Beach County.
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