Why your Website Should be in WordPress

WordPress has evolved to be a favorite platform for website developers and designers to use for many different reasons.  My favorite reason is that it is already set up to be attractive to the search engines.  I think the clients’ favorite reason has to be that it is easy to use once we launch the website and hand it over.  Even if it is an eCommerce WordPress website, the plugins have developed to a point that it makes it easy to manage inventory, and work with shipping charges, taxes and even coupons.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly 

WordPress really is more search engine friendly than other website development platforms.  There are more opportunities to on-site optimize a WordPress website than other website building platforms.  You can customize the optimization with the use of well supported plugins and there are plugins that help with seo factors like website load time, image optimization and video optimization. 

WordPress Plugins 

Plugins help with the functionality of a website.  Currently, there are over 31,000 plugins to choose from. When I first started with WordPress there were only 12,000.  There are plugins for every single thing you may want your website to do. 

When I first started, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a good plugin for something specific one of my clients wanted to do.  Now, there are so many plugins that will do the same thing, you have to try them to see which one you like the best.  We developers have our favorites.

WordPress Support and Community 

WordPress is very popular.  Now more than half the websites online are WordPress websites.  Many famous people and large news organizations have WordPress websites like Katy Perry and CNN.  The popularity has helped the WordPress product develop nicely. 

There are many theme developers and plugin developers who keep improving their products.  If you have a puzzle you can’t figure out, you can ask the WordPress community through a forum (usually) or you can get help directly from the theme or plugin creators by creating a ticket.

WordPress is Constantly Evolving 

WordPress is so popular that it just keeps getting better as the years roll by. It’s Hard to believe that the person who started WordPress was in his early 20’s when he decided to give the gift of endless creativity as an open source platform.

WordPress is Customize-able 

There are WordPress themes that are like templates and some are amazing.  However, WordPress is completely customize-able from scratch.  We start with a customize-able theme and go from there.

WordPress is Easy to Manage 

Once we have launched the website, we give you an hour or two of training and off you go!  It really is as easy as using a Word document.  Even if you have a shopping cart website, the shopping cart plugins make it easy for you to manage inventory, add products, calculate shipping, calculate taxes, etc.  We usually set it up and hand it over for you to run.