SEO Strategy Consulting

 Did your website suddenly stop ranking?

Are you in such a competitive business that you are locked out of the first page of the search engines? 

These are very important things you need to know before you pay anyone to optimize your website.  Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. 

Can you Rank? 

There are many times, depending on the industry you are in, your business, and your website that I can tell you within minutes if I can help you get to the first page of the search engines for keyword phrases you want to rank high for.  

However there are just as many times I have to do deep research and that takes me a whole lot of time. 

SEO strategy consulting involves a lot of experience, knowledge, research, time and some sophisticated software.   

These are some of the questions that need to be answered before anyone can tell you if you have a shot at ranking on the first page of the search engines:  

  • Should SEO be part of your marketing strategy for your type of business? 
  • Are you locked out of the First Page of the Search Engines? 
  • Do you have a toxic back link problem? (this is becoming very common) 
  • How well are you ranking now? 
  • How well are your top online competitors ranking? 
  • What are your competitor’s SEO weaknesses? 
  • Are your pages being devalued for any reason by the search engines? 
  • How long will it take your website to rank? 
  • Are all the pages of your website being indexed by Google? 
  • Approximately what percentage of the time does The Google Maps system come up for your desired keyword phrases? 

The SEO Strategy Consulting Process 

  1. I send you an invoice for a retainer and you pay the invoice. 
  1. We talk on the phone or meet in person depending on your location. During this phone call or meeting I ask you a lot of questions about your business and website.  I get to know you and your business. 
  1. I do a lot of research using my experience, my knowledge and some very sophisticated software. 
  1. After I complete the research, we either talk on the phone or meet in person and we go over the reports and recommendations for your best SEO strategy. 

What you Receive: 

SEO Research, Analysis and Recommendations 

At the end of the research you will receive a detailed SEO Strategy Report and Recommendations that you can take to any marketing company.  We hope you hire us to do the SEO because we are the best however, you can take this report and do whatever you want to with it.  

What is Included in the Pre-Optimization Report:

  • Keyword Research

  • A Website Audit Report 

  • Backlink Report

  • A Keyword Ranking Report

  • A Google Anlytics Report including installation if needed

  • A Webmaster Tools Report including installation if needed

  • A Can You Rank? Report

  • Competition Information

  • Explanation of the Reports

  • SEO Strategy Recommendations and Consulting 

Keyword Research 

  • I will do deep keyword research based on the keyword phrases you tell me and keyword phrases I may suggest. 

A Website Audit Report: 

  • A list of back links coming into your website
  • An analysis of potential toxic back links
  • Referring Domains
  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • XML Sitemap showing all of you pages
  • Explanation of the report 

A Keyword Ranking Report: 

  • Where you stand for up to 30 keyword phrases
  • Three of your top online competitors and where they stand for each of the 30 keyword phrases
  • Keyword ranking for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Maps
  • Explanation of the Report 

Google Analytics Report: 

  • Includes installation of Google Analytics if needed
  • Google analytics is very sophisticated and will tell you every which way from Sunday about your website traffic
  • Explanation of the report 

Webmaster Tools Report: 

  • Includes installation of Webmaster Tools if needed
  • Webmaster tools will (sometimes) let me know if you are having any specific problems with your website like security issues, toxic link problems, problems with Google indexing your page and many, many other things. 

Can you Rank? Report: 

  • Includes analysis of software that tells me if you are locked out of the first page of the search engines for keywords that you want to rank high for and tells me which keyword phrases you have a shot at. 

SEO Strategy Recommendations: 

I will have a section of the report that will make recommendations on what online marketing strategy you should pursue.  I may suggest you add several landing pages to your website, I may suggest you not spend any money optimizing your website and pursue social media.  I may suggest a video strategy. 

Explanation of Reports and Consulting: 

Once the research is complete, I will email you the reports and we can either meet in person or talk over the phone depending on your location, about the reports and at that time I will make recommendations.  This meeting is time tracked and included into the charge for the consultation.  

The Retainer System: 

  • I charge $125 per hour to do SEO Strategy Research and Consulting.
  • I require a 3 hour retainer which comes to $375. 
  • I send you an invoice through paypal and you can either pay through paypal or send me a check. 

If you decide to hire us to design, re-design or optimize your website, I refund the entire $375 .

Call now if you want to hire me to do a thorough analysis of your website and SEO Situation.