Local SEO 

Optimizing your website for local visibility takes a different approach than optimizing for National or International traffic.  There is a completely separate approach and internet marketing strategy for those websites businesses who want to optimize for both local website traffic and National website traffic. 

I Specialize in Local SEO 

Successful local visibility optimization sometimes called local SEO takes years of experience with optimizing a variety of different types of businesses.  It also takes keeping up to date with all the ongoing changes with the search engines and directories, especially Google.  Although I have been successful optimizing National somewhat niche websites, the majority of the calls I receive are for local optimization

Experience Really Does Matter 

I have 5 years of hands-on experience and education optimizing websites for local visibility.  I have been through a variety of situations that have helped me to understand what it takes to get a website to rank multiple times on the first page of the search engines for desired keyword phrases. 

I am Passionate about SEO 

I remember the first time I got my own website to the first page of the search engines back when not very many people even knew what SEO meant.  Not only did it land on the first page of Google, it landed in first position.  It was the equivalent of catching your first big fish.  I was completely fascinated and couldn’t sleep that night.  I have helped over 40 clients rank for multiple keyword phrases on the first page of the search engines since then and I know what works. 

If I Can’t Help You, I’ll Let you Know Up Front

If you are in a highly competitive national business it will take a lot of money to compete so I will tell you right from the jump if I can’t help you or if you can even compete at all.  You have to remember that there are now more websites online than there are people so unless you are in a micro-niche industry or have a very unique exclusive product or service, it will be difficult to get you ranked on the first page.

Highly Competitive Local Visibility 

I have been able to help some very competitive local companies get quality traffic.  There are some industries like Real Estate that are so highly competitive, I can’t help them unless they are focused on a specific community only. 

Local Visibility Gorilla Marketing 

My strategy for all businesses is to have an online gorilla marketing strategy.  Depending on the situation, I will put together a custom detailed proposal that can be done all at once or over the period of a few months.  I usually suggest Google+ pages, video optimization, geo-landing pages and of course, on-site optimization.  Some people only want on-site optimization.  Sometimes that’s all they need to compete. 

Multiple Ranking Positions for one Keyword Phrase 

It used to be that landing on the first page of the search engines anywhere was what was wanted by most websites.  Now however since 42% of anyone who clicks in the organic rankings clicks on the very first listing, your goal should be to try to get there.  My goal is to try to get you ranked in multiple places on the first page of the search engines for your best keyword phrases. 

You may end up in first position for a landing page, in second position for the home page of your website, in 3rd and 4th for a couple of YouTube videos and in the maps system in position B.  That is what the Gorilla Marketing Strategy attempts to do. 

We do not do Link Building

Although we do not do link building, as part of your strategy I can recommend some websites that will be very helpful for you to link from.  These websites will be highly regarded by Google and the other directories and search engines. I do consulting on link building but we do not actually do the link building work.  You do not need that many incoming links if your links are highly relevant and have high page rank.  One website that has a page rank of 6 is worth about a thousand websites with a page rank of 1. 

Google Places and Google+ 

At this writing, Google is in the process of integrating Google Places with the newer Google+ platform.  If the maps system comes up for any of your desired keyword phrases, you will want to rank as often as possible and as high as possible in the maps system.  We know how to make that happen.