Website and Internet Marketing Specialists

Hello, my name is Carolyn Lee and I am the owner of Imagine Media and Marketing, Inc.! I have been an Internet Marketing Specialist since 2009 and a WordPress website developer since 2010.  Before that, I worked for 2 very well known website development and Internet marketing companies for 2 years.  

We Started as Palm Beach SEO, Inc.

Imagine Media and Marketing started in early 2009 as Palm Beach SEO, Inc.  In 2013, I changed the name to SEO West Palm Beach, Inc.  Then in 2014, I decided to re-brand my company to reflect all of the services we provide. I changed the name to Imagine Media and Marketing.  My team and I do much more than just Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing and I wanted my business branding to reflect that. 

The Talent 

The Imagine Media team is made up of me, my WordPress website designer, my social media manager, and some very talented content writers. 

WordPress Website Designer 

My website designer, Sean, was born with a natural talent for creating beautiful website designs.  I saw a website he designed, fell in love with the design, searched for him until I found him, asked him if he would design websites for me and luckily for me, he said yes.  Very exciting!  That was in early 2013.  He has been designing for me ever since. Sean can usually get an approval for a design within a week. He is a diamond in the rough and I am very grateful to have him on board.  We work very well together.

Social Media Management 

My social media manager, Patrice is in love with social media.  She has a lot of experience with creating profiles and posting to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.  Patrice does weekly optimized postings for my monthly posting clients.  She also sets up and brands social media profiles.  

The Main Services we provide are

  • WordPress Website Design, Redesign, and Development

  • Robust, multiple product, shopping ecommerce WordPress websites

  • Google+ personal and business pages set up, branding, and optimization

  • Internet Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Video Creation, branding and optimization

  • YouTube Video Chanel creation, branding and optimization

  • You Tube Video Optimization

  • Social Media monthly posting services

  • Google+ postings

  • Landing page creation and optimization

  • Geo-landing page creation and optimization

  • Local Search Engine Optimization

  • National Search Engine Optimization

  • Toxic Link Investigation and Reporting


Website Optimization Monitoring and Reporting

We offer weekly or monthly strategy consulting including:

  • Keyword ranking reports

  • Link monitoring

  • Google analytics analysis and monitoring

  • Google webmaster tools analysis and monitoring

My Entrepreneurial Duties

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Create relationships

  • Keep those relationships long term

  • Project management

  • Website planning and development

  • Collector of funds

  • Liaison between client, website designer and social media manager

  • Adding content to website

  • On-site optimization

  • Adding functionality to the websites

  • Creating videos

  • Optimizing social media profile personal and business pages

  • Research

  • Having fun while doing all of the above

Cool Software 

I have a lot of good advice based on 5 years of real experience with all different types of businesses.  I also have a lot of cool software that you (probably) don’t have that tells me what is possible and not possible as far as ranking.

I am Passionate about this Business! 

I really do love this business.  I believe that Optimization, if done properly, is a cross between science and art.  That being said, I have enough experience to know if I can help a business or not.  If I cannot help you, I will let you know right from the jump. 

Imagine Media and Marketing
Carolyn Lee is a specialist with Internet Marketing and WordPress website design in Palm Beach Florida.