Internet Marketing Company West Palm Beach

SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing

Think of the words “Internet Marketing” as an umbrella over a variety of services aimed at getting quality traffic to your website and business. 

Our Internet Marketing Services: 

  • On-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Google+ profile pages set up, branding and optimization
  • Google+ weekly postings
  • YouTube video creation uploading and optimization
  • YouTube channel creation and optimization
  • Keyword specific landing page creation and optimization
  • Optimized content creation
  • Social media platform set up, branding and optimization
  • Social media posting
  • Internet Marketing Consulting
  • Website Business Consulting
  • Rank drop research
  • Toxic link research
  • Link monitoring
  • Google Analytics monitoring
  • Webmaster Tools monitoring
  • Keyword rank reporting
  • Competitor keyword ranking reporting
  • Disavow links program 

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We do not do link building. Never have.  Never will.

I get a lot of calls from potential clients who have hired other seo companies in the past who provide as part of their services, incoming links to the potential clients’ websites.  They call me because they realize that suddenly their websites are not ranking for any keyword phrases.  What happens is that you have links coming into your website that are suddenly are not trusted by Google. 

Pandas, Penguins and Bears, Oh My!

An un-trusted link situation typically happens right after a major Google algorithm update, replacement or installation.  If you have noticed a sudden drop in rank for most of your keyword phrases, this possible un-trusted link situation is the first thing you need to check out. The second thing you need to check out is duplicate content.  In a majority of the cases, it is a toxic links problem.  

Toxic Links Detection and Cleanup

We have software that will tell us right away if you have a toxic link situation. Fixing this problem is unfortunately not an inexpensive solution especially if you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of links coming into your website. Call for a custom pricing if your website has suddenly lost ranking for most of your keywords.