YouTube Marketing Videos

We create, optimize and brand marketing videos.  These “videos” are slide shows with pictures, words and music.  Your branding is in the beginning of the slide show and at the end. 

Video Optimization 

The intention of creating these marketing videos is so that they can be optimized and uploaded to an optimized YouTube channel.  Google owns YouTube and will (usually) rank these videos if they are optimized properly.  The strategy involves creating a minimum of 5 videos, ideally at least 10 because on YouTube, videos are considered content.  The more videos you have on an (optimized) channel, the higher the chances are that your video(s) will land high on the first page of the search engines for your desired keyword phrases.  What happens is, you end up pushing your competition off of the first page of the search engines by dominating 2,3 or more positions. 

Gorilla Online Marketing-It’s all about Domination 

Creating and optimizing videos to rank high is one aspect of a gorilla online marketing strategy.  We try to get you one or two positions on the first page for videos, one or two for landing pages, possibly one for a Google+ posting, then one position for your home page and possibly one for the Google maps. The idea is to dominate the first page of the search engines, not just to land there once for your desired keyword phrases.  

The Proof really is in the Pudding 

We have lots of examples of successes we have had with driving quality traffic to websites including both local and national websites.  Call us today so we can help you acquire quality traffic.