Website Ranking Changes

Increasingly I have been getting phone calls that start something like this:  “I have had my website for 9 years, had it optimized 5 years ago and it was ranking well for many keyword phrases.”  Now I can’t seem to find it anywhere on Google. If this has happened to your website, the first thing to check is whether you are ranking on all three of the major search engines equally for your desired keyword phrases.  If you are ranking well on Yahoo and Bing and not at all on Google, chances are, Google no longer trusts your links. 

Algorithm Updates and Replacements

This un-trusted link situation happens typically right after Google does an algorithm update, an algorithm replacement or an algorithm installment that is related to backlinks.   The most well known are the Panda update, the Penguin update and most recently the Hummingbird algorithm replacement. Many people lost rank because of these well known algorithm changes. 

How do I find out if Google Trusts my Links? 

There are several ways to detect whether or not Google trusts your links or if they think your links are toxic.  We have some fancy software that will tell us quickly if you have an un-trusted link situation with Google.  Sometimes we can check Google’s Tools and Google will tell us pretty directly that they do not trust your links.  Even if the Google Tools tell us you have some link trust issues, currently Google is not set up to tell us exactly which links are un-trusted and which links are actually helping your website. 

Sophisticated Toxic Back-link Detection Software 

Fortunately over the last couple of years there has been some development of some really sophisticated software that will tell us if you which of your links are toxic and which are not.   This software allows us to print out a custom report that lets us know which of your links are most likely un-trusted and which are ok to keep. 

After the Detective Work 

After we complete the toxic link investigation and we know which of your backlinks needs to be removed, someone has to attempt to manually remove your website links from these link websites.  After you (or we) have tried to get all of the toxic links removed, we can then ask Google very nicely and in an organized specific way, to please not count or “Disavow” my backlinks.

We provide 4 levels of Toxic Link Services: 

  • Toxic Link Detection

  • Toxic Link Manual Removal

  • Disavow My Links Program

  • Back-Link Monitoring

This toxic link situation is really having an adverse effect on many seasoned website businesses.  Call us today if you think you are having a toxic link problem.