Why you may want to Monitor your Back-Links

There is a slowly growing increase in Google not trusting some websites because of their back-link situation.  A back-link is when you have a link coming in from another website.  This could be from a post on another website’s blog, a link on a government website or an educational website.  It could also be from a website that Google believes is a link farm.

Paid Links are not in the Google Guidelines 

If you have been paying for links to come into your website you run the risk of Google devaluing your website pages.  One day you are ranking and the next day your website is nowhere. 

Competition is getting Ugly 

Once someone realized that anyone can add anyone’s website to another website, some people started adding their online competitors to known link farms.  It happened to a client of mine last year.  At least we think it was a competitor.  It could have been an ex-employee. 

Here’s a True Story 

One of my clients has a very large website with a lot of return traffic.  He hired me to optimize the site a few years ago and then add a few landing pages every month.  Every month, we were monitoring his Google Analytics, his Webmaster Tools and his Keyword Ranking reports. All of a sudden his ranking dropped on Google for all of his keyword phrases.  He was fine on Yahoo and Bing.  There was no indication in Google’s Tools that Google did not trust his links.

Spammy Link Farms 

We were not monitoring his back-links to make sure back-links were not being added to his website.  I ran his website through some software and after a long analysis, I realized that someone had been adding a couple of links per month for a year and a half from one spammy link farm.  It wasn’t my client who added these links.  We contacted the link farm website, asked them to remove all the links and waited to see what would happen with his website ranking. 

And we’re Back!

Literally within 5 days his ranking fully came back.  This is why it is important to monitor your back-link situation.  We have very sophisticated software that will print out a report daily, weekly or monthly letting you know if anyone is adding spammy links to your website. 

Is your Website being Devalued by Google? 

It is critical for some websites not to lose business for even a week.  If this is the case for you or if you suspect your website is being devalued by Google, call us now for an estimate of how much we would charge you to monitor you links or get these toxic links removed.

We provide 4 levels of Toxic Link Services: 

  • Toxic Link Detection

  • Toxic Link Manual Removal

  • Disavow My Links Program

  • Back-Link Monitoring

This toxic link situation is really having an adverse effect on many seasoned website businesses.  Call us today if you think you are having a toxic link problem.