Toxic Links Clean Up

The Problem with Back-Links

I get a lot of phone calls that start like this:  “Our website was on the first page of Google and now we are nowhere.”  If this has happened to you the first thing you need to check out is whether or not you have “toxic links.”  Most of the time these phone calls come from people who hired an seo company 2 or 4 years ago and that seo company had link building as part of their strategy.  

What are Toxic Links? 

Toxic links are links that come into your website from other websites and are un-trusted by Google.  It is rather difficult to figure out what links are toxic and what links are actually helping your website rank.   Link building was originally meant to show the search engines the relevancy and theme of your website.  If you were linking from other relevant (to your website theme) websites, then you get rewarded for it by way of ranking higher than your competition.

In the past, questionable links were not a problem.  Then people started to abuse the Google best practices guidelines concerning link building by buying links and getting attached to “link farms.” 

Google Drops the Hammer   

In early 2013 Google de-indexed a large popular link farm.  Then they de-indexed a lot of websites they were linking to.  It was an obvious clear message from Google that they are not going to put up with people who are trying to game the link building system.     To Google’s credit, it really was getting out of control.  I came across many websites that had for example, 35,000 incoming links for a 200 page website.  

Google Makes Some Adjustments 

Google came up with some algorithm changes to wake everyone up.  The Internet is covered with blog conversations about how after the Penguin and Panda updates, websites lost ranking.  If a website lost ranking right after one of these updates, that means that before the update, Google trusted your links and/or content and then after the updates, uh-oh, suddenly they don’t.  

In addition to the algorithm updates, every once in a blue moon, Google will surprise us with an algorithm replacement.  That happened in late 2013 and no one was even remotely aware that was going to happen.  It was a big surprise.  After that replacement, many, many websites lost ranking.   

Why You Should Monitor Your Links 

Google makes changes all the time.  If your incoming links are trusted now and you are not monitoring whether or not an algorithm update or replacement had an effect on your website ranking, you could lose some business.  

I had a national client who was mysteriously getting links added to their website every month for a year and a half.  Google did an algorithm update and they lost all ranking on Google. they did not lose ranking on Yahoo or Bing.  It took me some time and some sophisticated software to figure out what was happening.  As soon as we got the links disavowed their rank came right back-almost overnight.  

If this happens to you, you really could lose about 3 or 4 months worth of business especially if you depend on Google for your income and especially if you don’t catch it quickly.   That is why we offer link monitoring services.  

Link Detection and Cleanup 

Link Cleanup involves toxic link detection which involves running your website through some software that tells us which of your links are toxic.  Once we figure that part out we have to manually get you un-linked from as many of those websites as possible.  Once we give that a really good try, we then get involved with Google’s Disavow Links program.  

Disavowing Links 

Essentially we ask Google to please not count the links that we could not get removed.  You have to do it the way Google wants you to do it in a format they want to work with.  We offer Toxic Link Detection and Consulting and Toxic Link Cleanup services separately.  Bottom line is, the more links you have the more it will cost you.  We have pricing based on the number of links you have. 

We provide 4 levels of Toxic Link Services: 

  • Toxic Link Detection

  • Toxic Link Manual Removal

  • Disavow My Links Program

  • Back Link Monitoring 

Please call for a custom proposal for Toxic Link Detection and Toxic Link Cleanup.  We have no problem ball-parking a price over the phone before the custom proposal.